Ann C. Clements, Ph.D.
Ann C. Clements, Ph.D.


International and National Service

I currently (2010 - present) serve as a member of the editorial review board for the national publication Update: Applications of Research in Music Education


I served as the Chair of the Social Science Special Interest Research Group (SS-SIRG) from 2004 - 2006.


I served as the Education Section chair for the Society for Ethnomusicology from 2008-2011.

Region and State Service

I currently (2008-present) server as a Repertoire and Standards chair of Ethnic and Multicultural music for the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association.

I served as as State Board member, with special interests in Community and Diversity, from 2008-2012.


I served as the Higer Education Representative for Region 4 from 2006-2012.

University Service


I currently (2012 - present) serve as a member of the Diversity Educators Network (DEN).


I currently (2010-present) serve as a Teaching and Learning through Technology Faculty Fellow.


I served as a member of the MLK Planning Committee from 2006-2008.


I served as a Graduate Exposition Judge in 2004.

I currently (2013) serve as a Faculty Fellow in the eLearning Institute of the College of Arts and Architecture.


I currently (2010 - present) serve as a member of the College of Arts and Architecture Faculty Council.


I served as a member of the College of Arts and Architecture Diversity Committee from 2003 - 2010.


I served as a member of the Professional Certification Coordinating Council from 2005-2006 & from 2011-2012.


I currently (2012-present) serve of the School of Music Promotion and Tenure Committee.


I was the Interim Graduate Program Chair for Music Education in fall of 2012.


I was the founder and chair of the School of Music Diversity Committee from 2006-2009.


I was a member of the School of Music Undergradaute Committee from 2004 - 2007.

Community Service

Service has always been an important part of my life.  From a very young age I realized the value of contributing to the community.  I was fortunate to be born into a family that gave me every opportunity as a child that was available in our community. From athletics, to music, to art/dance, and scouting, I did it all. Thanks MOM!


In my early 20s, as my coaching career began to take off, I pondered the amount of time adults had given me during my lifetime through coaching, music, and all other special activities in my life thus far. I soon recognized how mammoth that amount of time was. I came to the realization that as I was given the “gift” of other people’s attention through these activities, I owed society the same amount of time in return.   Pay back – every hour that had been invested in me, I needed to reinvest back into the community. So, here’s the list of what I have received…


Church Choir - 15 years

School Choir - 6 years

University Choirs – 7 years

Violin Lessons – 1 year

Piano Lessons – 4 years

Voice Lessons – 10 years

Girl Scouts – 14 years

School Volleyball – 4 years

Club Volleyball – 6 years

University Volleyball – 4 years

School Soccer – 4 years

Club Soccer – 14 years

School Track and Field – 4 years

Art Lessons – 2 years

Dance Lessons – 1 year

Total Summer Camps attended – 22

Vacation Bible School – 6

Elementary School Musical/Talent Show – 2


This lists equals way too many hours to count!


Through the years I have been working diligently to give back in everyway that I can. This has mainly been through the gifts that I was given – music and sports. Here is a brief sample of ways in which I am attempting to pay it back!


School Choir Director - 10 years

Community Choir Director – 4 years

University Choir Director – 1 year

Voice Lesson Instructor – 10 years

Girl Scouts Guest Presenter – 5 times

Junior High Volleyball Coach – 6 years

Club Volleyball Coach– 3 years

University Volleyball Coach – 4 years

Sorority Leadership - 3 years



Foxdale Village Choir and Friends School Peace Choir

Foxdale Village Chorus


For the past few years I have been serving as the Choir director at the Foxdale Village Retirement Community in State College, PA. This choir has two seasons, one in the fall and one in the winter/spring. We typically have approximately 20-30 singers ranging in age from their mid 60s to over 100 years old. The main purpose of this group is to build community through singing. I am always honored to stand in stand in front of them. Together they bring more than 2,000 years of singing experience to each rehearsal. Many of our members have played or sung semiprofessionally during their lives. While community is at the heart of all we do, we sing well!  Please check back in the future for links to some of our audio recordings.


Here are some sample copies of recent programs.

Foxdale Chorus Fall 2012 Program
Foxdale Village Chorus fall 12 program.p[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [128.6 KB]

State College Friends School Peace Choir


For the past three years I have been serving as the State College Friends School Peach Choir director.  The Peace Choir is considered a vital aspect of community service for the older students in this K-8th grade school.  The choir is open to all students in grades 4-8. In December we hold a joint concert with the Foxdale Village Chorus and in the spring we have several community and school wide concerts. The choir typically consists of 30-35 of the 100 students who attend Friends School.


Many New Changes

Take a look around.  There have been many new updates.

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