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In this section of my site you can hear my recent rambelings on a varity of topics. Each topic is listed and described below, with the conent being located in the sub-menu located on the left.

Hot Topics


In this section I investigate some topics that are of interest to me and, I hope, to all of you as well.  These topics are both in and out of the field of music education.  Enjoy! 


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What I really think....


In this section of the site I let loose my thoughts on a variety of topics.  Put up your best defenses, you might just need them!


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Here you will find brief biographical sections on a vriety of people whom I find inspirational. A real who's who of this, that, and everything inbetween.

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Sounds sounds!


Here I share audio and video that has gotten my attention along with some brife commentary.

Heck yes!!!


Here you will find a listing of news worthy materials I am really excited about.  What to hear more - "Heck yes!"  Go ahead and click the link or the submenu on the upper left. 



Exactly what it sounds like, the momentary pause in the middle of the word "what?" when something makes little to no sense.  In this section you will find interesting bite of information about topics that make you go "whaaaa?".


Many New Changes

Take a look around.  There have been many new updates.

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