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Sounds cool...Cool Sounds!

The Tahitian Choir - Rapa Iti (Skip to :42 for speech free listening)


Microtonal singing from Rapa Iti.  I just can't get enough of this.  The thrill of not knowning when the pitch will drop and how far it will is thilling as a western-eared, cultural outsider! 


Wikipedia: Rapa, sometimes called Rapa Iti (Little Rapa, to distinguish it from "Rapa Nui" (Big Rapa), a name for Easter Island), is the largest and only inhabited island of the Bass Islands in French Polynesia. An older name for the island is Oparo[1] Its area is 40 km2 with a population of almost 500 and a max elevation of 650 m. Its main town is Ahuréi.

Fresh Prince


Some people are just so clever! I love this clip and can’t get enough of it. Or, as put through 7 languages on Google Translate = "Some people are too smart! A can not get enough of this fragment."  What fun!

Video: Running through the State College City Park


Many New Changes

Take a look around.  There have been many new updates.

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