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Alternative Approaches in Music Education: Case Studies from the Field

Alternative Approaches in Music Education: Case Studies from the Field

Ed. Ann C. Clements

October, 2010


Explore the creative ways music educators across the country are approaching emerging practices in music teaching and learning. Outlined in twenty-five unique case studies, each program offers a new perspective on music teaching and learning, often falling outside the standard music education curriculum. Find innovative ideas and models of successful practice to incorporate into your teaching, whether in school, university, or community settings. Close the gap between music inside and outside the music classroom and spark student interest. The diversity of these real-world case studies will inspire questioning and curiosity, stimulate lively discussion and innovation, and provide much food for thought. Designed for music teachers, preservice music education students, and music education faculty, this project was supported by Society for Music Teacher Education's (SMTE) Areas of Strategic Planning and Action on Critical Examination of the Curriculum, which will receive a portion of the proceeds.


Ann C. Clements , Frank Abrahams , Joseph Abramo , Carlos Abril , Sarah Bartolome , Nancy Beitler , Ruth Boshkoff , Brenda Brenner , Lily Chen-Hafteck , Don Coffman , Mary L. Cohen , Megan Clay Constantine , Robert Gardner , Brent M. Gault , Beth Gibbs , Elizabeth M. Guerriero , JonathanD Harnum , Matthew Hoy , Sheri Jaffurs , Victor Lin , Lisa M. Meyer 

Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music

Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music

Ann Clements & Rita Klinger

May, 2010


A Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music is a practical guide focused on the link between music education coursework and the field-based aspects of the student teaching experience. It addresses general topics that are common to all music placements, as well as those topics that are of specific interest to the general, choral, and instrumental music classrooms.

This text builds on theoretical materials typically covered in music methods courses, yet it is not specific to any one particular teaching pedagogy, making it flexible enough for use in a variety of music teaching settings. It will guide students through the student teaching process as they make the transition from student to music educator.

Multicultural Perspective in Music Education, 3rd Edition, Volume III

Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, 3rd Ed. Vol. III

W. Anderson & P. Campbell

Janurary, 2011


Ann Clements - Pacific and Oceania Chapter Editor


With Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, you can explore musics from around the world with your students in a meaningful way. Broadly based and practically oriented, the book will help you develop curriculum for an increasingly multicultural society. Ready-to-use lesson plans make it easy to bring many different but equally logical musical systems into your classroom. The authors_a variety of music educators and ethnomusicologists_provide plans and resources to broaden your students' perspectives on music as an important aspect of culture both within the United States and globally.

Silver Burdett Making Music (2002) Listening Maps

Silver Burdett (2002) Making Music Listening Maps


I conceptualized and created listening maps for the 202 textbook series.


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