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World Music

Across Cultural Boundaries: Sharing Cultural Knowledge through Music with the Use of Culture Bearers

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The purpose of this study was to investigate authentic means of multicultural music teaching and learning outside an indigenous learning environment. It sought to compare authentic means of music transmission (teaching and learning) by studying the music and practice procedures of Maori Kapa Haka of New Zealand in order to explore the creation of a hierarchical framework of transmission practices that can be later compared cross-culturally to other aural musical communities. It is hoped that by determining which elements, both musical and cultural, must remain similar to an authentic environment and listing these elements hierarchically, teachers will have guidelines to assist them in teaching world musics in a meaningful and culturally sensitive way.


Popular Music and Culture

From the Outside In: Perspectives from a Community Musician


Mt. Lake Reader, Issue 5, Spring 2009



In order to understand what will make the most lasting impact on our
students, we must take into consideration what they will be doing musically
after they leave our classrooms. Paul Lehman (2002) has spoken
directly to the matter: “As I see it, education is what we have left over
after we’ve forgotten the things we learned in school” (p. 48). The largest
portion of music makers in this country are not performing in professional
or community bands; instead they can be found “musicking” in community
venues such as basements, pubs, garages, worship teams, computer
labs, dance clubs, and recording studios.

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Rap, Rock, Race, and Rhythm: Music and More in a Methods Class

Clements, A.C. and Campbell, P.S.,


Mt. Lake Reader, Issue 4 Spring 2006


An excerpt is avaliable on the left.

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Games and Digital Media

Faculty Fellow Ann Clements to Study Effect of Technology on Children’s Musical Play

Published on June 15, 2010 by Mary Janzen

Ann Clements, associate professor of music education, plans to study the effect of video game technology and media influences on children's musical play as a summer 2010 Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Faculty Fellow. The musical play she is interested in is the informal kind that takes place on the playground and at home, including songs that children learn from each other.

The full press release is avaliable here:

To learn more about the TLT Faculty Fellows program, visit


TLT Faculty Fellow


During 2010 I was award a Teaching and Learning with Technology Faculty Fellowship, being one of less than 10 faculty member University-system wide to have received this honor. 


More information about the fellows program can be found here:


More infromation about the study can be found here:


and on the Wiki


An introduction to the study can be found on Slide Share:


Alternative Approaches in Music Education (Ed. Clements, 2010)


Explore the creative ways music educators across the country are approaching emerging practices in music teaching and learning. Outlined in twenty-five unique case studies, each program offers a new perspective on music teaching and learning, often falling outside the standard music education curriculum. Find innovative ideas and models of successful practice to incorporate into your teaching, whether in school, university, or community settings. Close the gap between music inside and outside the music classroom and spark student interest. The diversity of these real-world case studies will inspire questioning and curiosity, stimulate lively discussion and innovation, and provide much food for thought. Designed for music teachers, preservice music education students, and music education faculty, this project was supported by Society for Music Teacher Education's (SMTE) Areas of Strategic Planning and Action on Critical Examination of the Curriculum, which will receive a portion of the proceeds.

A Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music (Clements & Klinger, 2010)


A Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music is a practical guide focused on the link between music education coursework and the field-based aspects of the student teaching experience. It addresses general topics that are common to all music placements, as well as those topics that are of specific interest to the general, choral, and instrumental music classrooms.

This text builds on theoretical materials typically covered in music methods courses, yet it is not specific to any one particular teaching pedagogy, making it flexible enough for use in a variety of music teaching settings. It will guide students through the student teaching process as they make the transition from student to music educator.


A unique aspect of this text is that we created over 20 typeable worksheets that can be downloaded and used by stduents.  The worksheet can be found be found here:

Choral Music/Singing

Factors Influencing the Pitch-Matching of Junior High Boys

Demorest, Steven M; Clements, Ann. Journal of Research in Music Education55. 3 (Fall 2007): 190-203.



The authors examine the influence of perceptual ability, task demands, and singing range on the pitch-matching performance of adolescent boys in various stages of the voice change. Significant differences were found between certain, inconsistent, and uncertain singers in their perceptual skills and a contextual pitch-matching condition was found to be significantly easier than a single-pitch condition. Singing range was not a factor.

Factors Influencing the Pitch Matching of Junior High Boys
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Music Publications

Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education Vol. II, 3rd Ed

Anderson & Campbell (2011)


I served as the chapter editor for the Pacific and Oceana chpater of this text.  In addition to providing information about the Pacific and activities for teachers, I submitted the following lesson plan on Maori music which contains a sample waiata a ringa I learned while doing research in New Zealand.

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