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Graduate Teaching

In this section you will see a combination of materials, from blog-like enteries of what students are currently working to class materials to student products and output.  Enjoy!

Graduate Level Teaching

Doctoral Seminar in Music Education (Qualitative Research Practices)
Graduate Seminar in Music Education (revolving topics including - Sociology in Music Education, Teacher Identity, Spirituality in Music Teaching, Ethics and Caring in the Music Classroom, Philosophy)
History of American Music Education
Introduction to Research Methods in Music Education
Philosophy of Music Education
Qualitative Research
Research Inquiry I & II
Sociology in Music Education

MU ED 559 - Contemporary Issues in Music Education (Technology)


The theme of this semester's Contemporary Issues is technology.  The first topic is Gaming and Serious Games in Education.  We had been exploring game research, historical readings on technology in music education sources, and completing a bit of our own investigations!  This past weekend students had the assignment to take home a Nintendo DSi and 3-4 music titles and to weigh the pros and cons of the games as possible modes of music learning for children.  The students provided a lot of interesting viewpoints.  Overall, we were happy to see that a good game has the same qualities as a good teacher and we were left with many questions about student motivation, risk of familiar, and facilitation of learning.


Many New Changes

Take a look around.  There have been many new updates.

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