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Undergraduate Teaching

In this section you will see a combination of materials, from blog-like enteries of what students are currently working to class materials to student products and output.  Enjoy!

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Capstone in Secondary General Music
Choir (Sabbatical Replacement)
Early Childhood Music Practicum
Early Field Experiences in Music Education
First Year Seminar in Music Education
General Music Methods (Elementary and Secondary)
Guitar Techniques/Beginning Guitar for Music Education Majors
Instructional Materials in Music
Instructional Practices in Music
Intermediate Guitar Techniques
Introduction to Music Education
Middle School Choral and General Music Methods
Performance of Diverse Musical Styles
Teaching Musical Cultures
Technology in Music Education
Technology, Music and Mobile Devices

Music 295A, Spring 2013 - Early Field Experiences in Music Education


This morning we talked about how to write a Task Analysis, an in-edpth description of how to complete a task.  Unlike their first teaching, which will be to teach a major/minor and douple/triple song by rote using a specific sequence, today's tasks were to tie a shoe and to make a paper airplane.  Both of these common tasks were a challange to write out in detail!  By the end of the class planes flew around the classroom - well, at least 1/2 of them did.  The other half weren't quite folded correctly due to some missing information in the the task analysis! 

Music 312, Spring 2013 - Performace of Diverse Musical Styles (The Pacific)


Today we are preparing for our first formal performance, which will occur on Wednesday, February 6th. We will serve as a demonstration group for a lecture I am giving to a Penn State International Arts course.  This course typically consists of 60-100 people from a variety of majors across campus.  Cultural information will be given, music will be demonstrated, and then the class membership will be asked to participate.  It's great to see those engineering majors move and sing!


The performance will feature a Waiata, a demonstration of Titi Toria, a Waiata a Ringa, and a Haka. 

Music 497D iEnsemble Fall 2012

Too Many Moves


This is a sample of the student output created in the PSU iEnsmble.  In this clip you will hear an original composition created completly on mobil musical apps.  The movie was filmed using iPads.  Enjoy!


Composed by:Ali Long, Frank Jones, Ryan Bulgarelli and Audrey Conklin
Special Thanks to Quilan (Cue) Arnold

Sample Maori Presentation (PowerPoint Slides)

Below is a sample PowerPoint of the Maori materials I have used with K-12 and undergraduate students. None of the videos/audio are present.



Many New Changes

Take a look around.  There have been many new updates.

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